No Interview - Am I Down for the Count?

<p>I applied to Gtown back in Nov, but was never contacted about an interview. No information was ever E-mailed to me, and I only noticed the necessity of an interview in the last day or two. Their website is very annoying. Does this mean I'm down for the count?</p>

<p>I don't think it really matters. I wasn't even able to get my transcript and teacher recommendation in until a week</p>

<p>Do you live in a rural area? It's possible that there was simply no one available to do your interview.</p>

<p>I live in the suburbs, but sent in my application in Mid-December, so they themselves may not have had the time. I suppose I'll find out soon enough. Thanks for the help.</p>

<p>this seems to happen a lot-- happened to my daughter. she got in contact with the school and it got set up in the end, but her counselor had said to her not to worry about it either way.</p>

<p>I submitted my app on the day of the deadline, and I had an interview. I had to email them though. Try it.</p>

<p>Dont worry about it, it wont count against you</p>

<p>I told my school's college placement department about it Monday, and our school's officer has now been trying to contact them about it. No response yet; should I make a move soon?</p>

<p>As far as I know decisions are pretty much done by now, I would let it slide. I didn't get an interview and was accepted EA</p>

<p>I see. Thank you all for helping me with this.</p>

<p>if it makes you feel better i got an interview and i thought it went horribly. i was ready to describe myself with 3 adjectives, but explain why i picked them? awkward 15-20 seconds of me going uh........well i think that........uh..........hmm.......uh........</p>