No Interview Email Yet from Harvard?

So I applied early action (Deadline: November 1st) for Harvard and sent in my application on November 1st. It’s been ten days, and I still have not received an email for an interview. Meanwhile, a classmate of mine has his interview today. Should I be worried that I’m not going to get one? Do they usually send out interview emails right after receiving the application, or can it be a couple weeks after?

It’s based on availability - NOT the strength of your application. Your friend’s interviewer might start interviews a bit earlier, while your assigned interviewer doesn’t - I wouldn’t worry too much.

Don’t worry yet. It’s a multistep process – Harvard finds out where its applicants live, it sends the regional alumni groups a list of local applicants, the alumni groups assign students to local alumni, the local alumni contact the applicants, and interviews are arranged. There could be a delay in any of these steps (e.g., the assigned alum had a family emergency and hasn’t had a chance to contact applicants); you’ll probably be contacted in the next few days. As Pikachu noted, the fact that you haven’t heard anything thus far is not a reflection of your admission chances.

I only got my interview request late last night. I wouldn’t worry too much!

I still haven’t gotten an interview request yet… I’m worried.

I have yet to receive an interview as well. Oof