no interview yet... questions

<p>o man now im really worried. i got the interview email last saturday, so i was expecting someone to call a couple of days ago. from what it looks like, the report is due on monday, which is really rushing it if my alumni happened to call tomorrow. and the office is also closed for thanksgiving! does missing the interview hurt my chances?</p>

<p>also, does this look like a warning for a rejection? i know i sent mine the day before the deadline, so i thought the interview would be kind of late. but i didn't expect it to go until near the beginning of december. i didn't get stellar sat's (2000; 680,680,650 on ii's) but my gpa, recs, and ec's are really good. since they may have thrown me in the "trash" pile, the interview won't even make a difference, so are they delaying my interview for this?</p>

<p>No, they give an interview to everyone where they can get one in. Anyway, many interviewers can turn in their reports late if they have to.</p>

<p>One Last, Final and Crucial Question: Am I a straight rejectee if I can't be interviewed? The alumnus rep that's supposed to int me flew home and wouldn't come back till mid-December. Fate is mocking me bwahhh:((</p>

<p>No, if it's not possible to interview you, that doesn't affect your admission chances.</p>

<p>northstarmom, but if you think about this, a rejected application will only be useless to give an interview to. although i hate to think about this, it's only logical. since you're a school alumni, do you guys ever talk about this?</p>

If your question is whether interviewers think it's a waste of time to interview a student who ends up being rejected, the answer is "no." most alum interviewers enjoy young people, and most Harvard applicants are very interesting to talk to . I don't consider my time wasted if the people whom I interview don't get in.</p>

<p>The only time that I feel that my time is wasted is when the students who are interviewed clearly don't want to be interviewed. A couple (possibly students whose parents made them apply) of students whom I have interviewed have not seemed interested: They gave monosyllabic answers and seemed irritated to have to be interviewed. They didn't seem shy: Just bored. Those are the kind of interviews that I feel are a waste of my time.</p>

<p>satsrockme, I had my interview a while back, and your SAT scores are higher than mine</p>

<p>Thanks NSM, although I'll be out anyway with lame GPA and stuff:D The interview is an end in itself, probably. It'd be fun to meet up with someone from the school;)</p>

<p>wow thanks guys. that really clarified a lot of questions in my mind. on the side note, i just got the call from my interview for friday. let's hope my application still stands a fighting chance!</p>

Glad that you've got an inteview scheduled. Best of luck! Let us know how it goes.</p>

<p>Here's an email I got after contacting them about not having an interview yet:</p>

<p>"Hello *******,</p>

<p>We do our best to have all freshman applicants interviewed by a local
alumni/ae, but there are several possible reasons why this is not always possible. As stated in our application booklet, "no candidate is at a disadvantage if an interview cannot be arranged." We notified the alumni association in your area of your contact information when your application was first processed (November 18) so we must now rely on them to make contact with you.</p>

<p>Thank you for writing and I will print this e-mail, showing your concern
for the interview process, to be filed in your application folder.</p>

<p>Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Harvard College"</p>

<p>Don't worry if you don't have an interview, basically.</p>