No Interview Yet

<p>Hi. I recently applied ED to UPenn CAS for class of 2019. Other people in my school who also applied have been contacted for alumni interviews, but I have not relieved an email yet. Is this something I should be concerned about? I know there is still time, but Penn's ED decision is usually released about a month from now. Thanks. </p>

<p>Don’t worry just yet. </p>

<p>Interview reports are not due back to Penn until close to the end of the month and there are still a LOT of them to be assigned. I suspect you might hear something soon. It depends on how many interviewers are in your area, and what sort of load each one is willing to take on during the ED round. I only just got my first assignments the other day. Be sure you are checking the same e-mail address that you used in your application. I would recommend you check your junk mail filters. Before I started to use a gmail e-mail address I would sometimes have a student report that my initial e-mail to them had been filtered. Most interviewers will make a couple of attempts to contact you before giving up. </p>