no interview?

<p>I submitted my supplement on December 2, and still have not been contacted for an alumni interview. Should I contact the school, or just hold my horses? I really want an interview, because I love the school and want to be able to show that!</p>

<p>I remember I applied before the deadline and never got an interview. That didn't hurt my getting in, though (I'm currently a sophomore at Duke), so you don't have to worry about not getting in without an interview. However, if you really want one you could call admissions and ask about it.</p>

<p>yeah i got my common portion in before the deadline and they havent contacted me about anything yet... I live in Kentucky, so are there any alumni interviewers here?</p>

<p>It really depends on the number of alumni versus applicants in the area. I live in NC and applied early but never got an interview. I still got in so it really doesnt hurt if you dont get one. I called the admissions office and they were able to give me an online form sent to my email that I could fill out and send to the alumni advisory committee. After doing this, the alumni committee contacted me saying they did not have room to offer me an interview. The interview selection really is luck though I believe because I still got in without one. Its optional so I dont think it matters THAT much.</p>

<p>My Advice: Call the admissions office and tell them that you applied by the deadline and are really interested in an interview. I belive the admissions rep will send you an electronic interview request form that you can submit to remind the alumni committee that you want an interview. After doing so, you may or may not get an interview. Whether you get one or not, dont worry too much about it. I got in a few weeks ago and never interviewed!</p>

<p>can you choose not to do an interview?</p>

<p>Edit: nvm found the answer</p>

<p>i called the other day and they said that a lot of the alumni don't contact their interviewees until after the holidays. they suggested I call back if I have no been contacted by January 26. Thanks for all the advice!</p>

<p>should i call after new year's then? Since their offices are closed now?</p>

<p>never mind i didn't see january 26 there, i thought it was december</p>


<p>just talked to my interviewer!</p>