No Java Experience for 15-110 Intr. Programming

<p>Is it ok for a person with very limit experience of Java to take 15-110 Intro. for Programming?
(for summer session).</p>

<p>Thanks !</p>

<p>yep, the course is designed for beginner programmers</p>

<p>Thanks ...........................</p>

<p>To be more elaborate, 15-110 will teach you everything about basic programming. You'll go from basic operations to flow control to what I assume to be objects considering Python has those. Yes, you don't need java anymore. Python is the language you'll learn.</p>

<p>15-110 is Java. 15-121 is more Java, and comes after 15-110. The course numbers changed after my freshman year from 15-100 and 15-111 respectively. These classes are not Python I have no idea why that person said that. I am currently in 15-121 summer session, and I just took 15-110.</p>

<p>Edit: To answer your question, you need no prior programming knowledge.</p>

<p>rs180216, in the coming semesters the courses are indeed changing to python</p>