No money for college?

<p>So my current situation is totally crazy...lots of coulda, woulda, shoulda going on right now. I am currently about to head off for my first year at UVM. And I have no way of coming up with the money to pay... Even after the FAFSA and scholarship business. The loan I would have to take out for just this year alone would be more than what the average student takes out for all four. The financial planning that went along with this was zero to none. I was being told two different things from both my parents...I even took a gap year last year and was unable to come up with enough money. The way things are looking now is, i am going to head up there and move in on the 23rd....but will not have finished paying the rest of my bill for semester one. Because I cannot. It looks like maybe I can do this first semester, but after that...I don't know what. Transfer to a less expensive school seems like the obvious to anyone reading. But which one?
It took me so long to become comfortable with the idea of going to college (hence another reason for the gap year), that it is seriously miserable considering how I can pay for this without heading into a debt that will last my entire life. It just makes the stakes that much higher. </p>

<p>Anyway, I guess I am just looking for any advice of any kind. What makes sense? Appeal the FAFSA? Look into transferring?</p>

<p>This financial dilemma has taken all the excitement from this process and has made me utterly miserable and constantly question my decision. I just want to be able to go to school and earn a degree so I have a shot at getting a job- without committing to large student loans. I realize there were a lot of awful planning going on...but at the time when all this college stuff was happening, I was just so relived to be taking the time to figure myself out first. But now here we are and I have no idea what to do. Thanks for reading.</p>

<p>To get started, take a few classes at a community college while you work to earn money to pay for those few classes, to live, and to save for more classes. After accumulating a year or more of credits at the community college level, transfer to a different school, if that is still your desire. This plan involves work, but it does work. It requires discipline, but it will pay off.</p>

<p>Annie: They won’t even let you register for classes if you aren’t fully paid, so if you show up, you may have an issue.
You need Community College. Ask the cashiers office about payments required. If they say you can’t register, you have your answer.</p>

<p>I work full time while attending school full time. It sucks. I have almost no social life. But you know what? When everyone else has 50,000 plus in debt, I am debt free. Therefore, it’s worth it. I would try to find a job, while attending community college, that willl help pay for your degree. I work for pepsi and they do for me. Just an Idea.</p>

<p>Also, get as high of grades as you can. Currently, my school has given me nearly a full ride, so all the money I am making goes straight to my roth IRA. Again, just an idea. If you dont want to take this route, then I don’t know…</p>

I am currently about to head off for my first year at UVM. And I have no way of coming up with the money to pay…



Why do young folks write things like this. If you don’t have the money, then you should not be about to “head off” for…

Do not try to start a school where you don’t have the money.