No more rolling admission?

Just reading the admissions info and it looks like Auburn is doing EA rather than rolling admissions ?

I think you’re correct, I just checked their page. Does that really make any difference?

I see it … Early Action decisions released 12/1.

Is this new? I think this has always been the case except for a few cases. In 16-17 my DD17 heard extremely early (late Sept.) but it seemed everyone else heard at the same time in late Nov/early Dec. People didn’t believe her that she had an offer so early.

It was rolling admissions last year. Applicants heard throughout the fall if they got the application in early (ie, like Aug-Oct). Applications were up 20 percent last year so that might be the reason for the change.

Did anyone’s portal change from “complete, ready for review” to just all the basic info? I noticed mine is different today.

@CailynD Yep, maybe that means it was just reviewed?

If you look closely, it means more than just reviewed. It shows your status as an undergrad and it shows your major in the correct college. For my engineering applicant, his status is no longer materials science but is now pre-engineering (a Ginn requirement for freshmen). It seems like he’s in. Happy dance.

I checked my son’s yesterday and the “Complete ready for review” was also gone. I just clicked on it again this afternoon and his says “Decision Made” and under that “Accepted for Admission” I didn’t think anything was coming out until 12/1. Hope it is not a mistake.

We got the acceptance email about 30 minutes ago!! They AREN’T going to make everyone wait until December.

They have updated the info on their website:

Early Action and Regular Admission Decisions will be released in rounds. Early Action: Mid-October and by December 1. Regular Decisions: Early January and Early March.

Mid-October, December 1: Early Action admission decisions released.

@lme4569 @MRGrimm

When did you get the application in?

We had the same change. And then today it changed back to “complete and ready to review”… any idea what this may mean?

I think within two weeks of the application being available.

My son received an acceptance email a few hours ago. Waiting for more details. OOS NJ applied End of Aug
1330 sat
3.6 gpa
7 aps

My son’s OOS VA application was complete (delayed for transcripts) August 23.

i hope you are right!