No Music Program? Really?

<p>Is it just me or does it seem very odd that Nova touts itself as being such a strong LAC, but offers nothing in the area of music except a random collection of EC activities. I always thought music went hand in hand with the LAC environment, but Nova all but completely ignores it. </p>

<p>That just doesn't make sense to me, and it makes me wonder what that actually says about its values to omit something so patently fundamental to its purported mission and committment to Liberal Arts. </p>

<p>Am I off base feeling that way?</p>

<p>A little bit... Liberal Arts doesn't mean Fine Arts. Liberal Arts is stuff like History, Journalism, Political Science, English, etc. At Nova, THOSE are strong.
They aren't known for their fine arts in any sense, and there the sciences are even more emphasized than LAs. I have a friend who made the same mistake with Nova, she had the app done and ready to apply, and then realized she wouldn't have any way to major in film like she wanted.</p>

<p>Yes, I understand the distinction between LA and FA, but LA has classically included music quite specifically. I do recognize that modern approaches do not always include music, but I have seen very very few instances - Nova is a glaring exception.</p>

<p>Nova just isn't that much of an arts school, even LAs seemed much less emphasized when I visited. The tour included the engineering building, the science building, tours of the biology and chem labs, and when someone asked where the liberal arts building was, the tour guide said 'the classrooms are just, kind of... around.'</p>

<p>I had no idea until I read your post that Villanova does not have a Music program. For whatever reason, I just thought that all colleges had a Music department ...</p>

<p>I am really surprised that they don't ...</p>

<p>Seems odd they don't have a music program.
I didn't think Villanova was a LAC, it is not listed as a LAC for USNWR (whatever that means).</p>

<p>yeah the music program is really sad...
almost nonexistant</p>