no need for sociology AND psych?

<p>I just went to talk with my adviser today, and she told me that the MCAT in 2015 only requires one introductory social science course. She said that I didn't need to take psychology AND sociology. Anyone else hear this as well?</p>

<p>If you look at topics included in the Human behvior section, they appear heavily skewed toward psychology and cognition, but some sociology topics will be included.</p>

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<p>See pp. 91-131 Look particularly at concepts 7B (social processes that influence human behavior); 8B (social thinking); 8C (social interactions); 9A (understanding social structure–theory,social institutions and culture); 9B (demographics-societal structure, demongraphic shifts & social changes); 10A (Social inequality–social class, inequality in health & healthcare, segregation).</p>

<p>Composition of the section:</p>



<p>I suppose of your intro psych class covers the topics included in Concepts 7-10, then you won’t need sociology.</p>

<p>even if we didn’t cover it, can’t those things be easily learned on your own/reviewed?</p>