No Newhouse Double Major


So I am applying to Newhouse for TRF and am aware that you can only dual major rather than double major within the school. Does anybody know why that is?

Thanks in advance.

My daughter is studying at Newhouse and Whitman. I believe Newhouse’s ACEJMC (Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications) accreditation is the reason why Newhouse does not allow two different communications majors. Quite a few liberal arts credits are required for a Newhouse degree. According to the ACEJMC website:
“The unit requires that students take a minimum of 72 semester credit hours (or 104 quarter credit hours) required for a baccalaureate degree outside of journalism and mass communications and meet the liberal arts and sciences-general education requirements of the institution. ACEJMC expects at least 95 percent of the graduating classes in the two academic years preceding an accreditation visit to meet these requirements.”
All singly enrolled Newhouse students must carry a liberal arts minor. Many turn that minor into a liberal arts major.
Good luck with your application. TRF is a terrific program.

Thank you for your wonderful explanation! Also thank you hopefully I get in! :slight_smile: