No non a-g courses to list on UC application... Help?

I am applying to UC schools; 4.1 gpa, multiple APs, community service etc., but I don’t have any non a- g courses. I hate the idea of leaving that box empty on the uc application though. Does is look bad to not have any non a-g courses to list? Any suggestions? I’m going to be a biology major ( pre- med) so was thinking an online fist aid class or something like that I could do now, just to have something to put in that section of the app.

Non a-g courses are not even a consideration in the admission process. No worries in leaving it blank.

Thanks, that makes me feel better, but then why do they even have that section? I dont want them to think i was lazy or unambitious. Or compare me to people who have many non a-g’s.

Many high schools have requirements like health or PE that do not fall under any of the a-g categories. Probably that is what commonly ends up in that section.

Also the UC application expanded their activities section last year so some courses such Academic camp courses and on-line non-traditional courses can now be listed in their separate categories vs. the non a-g course section that was used for that purpose for many years

I used the additional courses’ section to list CC courses related to my intended major (Public Health,) that didn’t qualify as a part of the A-G requirements.