No one to live with next year

I am a junior in college at a school where pretty much everyone lives on campus for 4 years. The apartments that upperclassmen live in are all designated for 4 people, but I am currently living in one with only two other people because of covid restrictions. Recently one of my roommates (the three of us have been friends since freshman year) without telling me decided to live with some other friends of hers next year, while my other roommate is as of now planning to study abroad. This means that as of now I have no one to live with next year and have no idea how to find people. I don’t feel especially close to a lot of people other than my roommates, but I do have other friends, I just feel like those people will want to live with different friends of theirs and I’ll seem desperate. I would be open to going on a roommate search group online but my school does not have one that I am aware of. The deadline for forming a roommate group is February 25th and I’m starting to get nervous, so any advice would be appreciated!

Can you casually bring it up around your other friends like hey, do you know anyone who’s looking for a roommate for next year? You might be surprised. My daughter had a friend ask- she didn’t have a spot for a new roommate, but she knew someone who did so it paid off for the friend to bring it up. You don’t necessarily have to phrase it as asking to live with them if you think that sounds desperate.

You could even be brave and ask acquaintances from classes and see what comes through the grapevine.

Otherwise maybe talk to the residential department and see if they help match up loose ends as needed?

Good luck, I know my daughter who is a sophomore is already nervous for senior year as her roommate plans to graduate a year early. Their landlord asks them about renewal in October, so in her mind she only has 8 months to figure out what’s happening almost a full year later. I’m thinking he doesn’t need to know in October when the lease is up April 30, but we’ll see!


I would ask your other friends and see if anyone else is in the same boat or knows of anyone. It’s not a poor reflection on you to need to find new roommates. It’s not at all unusual for students to find themselves in this situation. You may have a roomate who goes abroad or moves into a sorority or becomes a Resident Advisor or graduates earlier than expected, etc, etc. None of those reasons reflects poorly on the student who is left to find a new living arrangement.

There are many reasons why living arrangements change. This may even turn into a positive and fun new living situation for you. Good luck!


Can you get in touch with campus housing? Is there a campus notice board where you can post? Don’t worry about seeming desperate. It’s not desperation but practicality and necessity. I’d start talking to all your friends and just put it out there that you are looking for roommates. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.