No request for midyear grade = rejected?

<p>So reading the stats of people on these threads I know I have no chance at getting accepted. I got the no scholarship letter, but not the letter requesting mid year grades. I sent them anyway because it was so easy through the web site. I'm just throwing this tidbit out, because everyone is looking for a clue about acceptance decisions. I think they wouldn't send a request for midyear grades to those of us who have already landed in the reject pile. TGF the UC system! And thanks to all the people who have posted here, one of the better threads for information. Hey, it got me to finally make a username and post something!</p>

<p>I wouldn't count yourself out just yet. Who knows how Usc admission is working this year. Just because you didn't recieve a midyear report request doesn't mean you weren't accepted necessarily. For instance those who recieved the requests could be on the edge of acceptance and those who didn't are either flat out rejected or accepted. We don't know at this point, so don't worry and stay positive. </p>

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<p>"I think they wouldn't send a request for midyear grades to those of us who have already landed in the reject pile."
"For instance those who recieved the requests could be on the edge of acceptance and those who didn't are either flat out rejected or accepted. "
Both assumptions are Wrong. All applicants need to submit their mid term grades. please dont make assumptions based on thin air or lack of a letter.</p>

<p>Thanks Stanford girl! I guess it's not so much an assumption as a theory, and testing these little theories is just something to pass the long long months of feb and march...</p>

<p>Two years ago, my son didn't get the no-scholarship letter, nor did he get the one requesting mid-year grades. He was accepted with a music scholarship. A quick search will indicate countless similar stories.</p>

<p>The title of this thread is likely to cause other students stress. Come on, guys! You're better than this.</p>

<p>Menloparkmom, we were discussing a confusing situation with those who have recieved midyear request letters and those who have not. I know that midyear reports are still required for everyone. And I would appreciate it you didn't degrade our assumption. Seeing as college confidential for the most part is learning as we go along through the college admission process.Thx</p>

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<p>No. invisible ink</p>

we old CC vets come here to supply information and let posters on this forum know about USC.. suppositions such as yours do not benefit anyone else here, so, sorry, but we will correct false information when we see it.</p>

<p>I like to think of my thread title as a hypothesis, not a statement. So as soon as the first March 2012 admitted student posts that they didn't get a request for mid year report I will reject my hypothesis. Till then it is a logical hypothesis for the reason that mid year reports would be useless paperwork/e-files for people that have already been rejected.</p>

<p>So you are predicting that you will be rejected?</p>

<p>Seriously, this is ridiculous. People shouldn't be attacked for posting an hypothesis. Menloparkmom, I don't mean to be disrespectful to an old cc vet... To be honest I'm glad you correct false information on this thread. Especially when said "information" by the op and myself were simply our own hypotheses and should have been treated as such.
Again sorry for the misunderstanding.</p>

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<p>Private conversations should be conducted by private message. Any threads posted on College Confidential are open to all posters, and each poster is free to post their own opinion - including menloparkmom.</p>

<p>stanfordgirl and orcadork
I am posting here what the Dean of Admissions said in a recent [ 3 days ago] email to me, which I had previously posted on another thread. Here is part of it again: </p>

<p>"We routinely send letters to students if something is missing. I know that everyone asks about midyear reports. Students shouldn't wait to receive a letter from us asking for those. We want to see them from everyone." </p>

<p>"We have admitted fewer than 20% of those who will eventually be admitted. We haven't yet made ANY decisions besides these. No one else has been admitted and no one has yet been denied. We still have a good six week's worth of deliberation and discussion and plan to use every minute of it to ensure that every applicant has been given full and serious consideration before making our decisions. No other decision letters will be mailed until the last week of March."</p>

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<p>I'm sorry that you feel that my correcting what you postulated is "attacking" you. Its not. Many USC applicants are anxious and my only motive is to try to prevent false rumors from spreading.</p>

<p>No school has to ask for your mid-year report. With any school on the common app it is expected that you send it in. Don't worry, I received the no scholarship letter and have absolutely no chance of getting in so I'm right there with you.</p>