no SAT II physics

<p>is it still possible to apply to the engineering program? or should i apply to the regular program and if i somehow get accepted take engineering?</p>

<p>Well, according to Ms. Rappelye on the Today show this morning, what is important is that you have taken the most rigorous courseload. If your school does not offer physics, hence no physics SAT II, surely you would not be penalized. But, who knows, it's Princeton, and admissions are indeed hard to predict!!</p>


<p>wat time? eastern?</p>

<p>the fact is.. is that i was just able to take honors physics last year in junior year.</p>

<p>i go to an academy where we took honors/chem/bio/physics in that order</p>

<p>so i would've only been able to take physics senior year. But, i didnt take it senior year. I mean, the stuff in Physics B, was just basically what i learned in honors physics so i saw no point in taking it. But, i wanted to take Physics C with my teacher, but i needed Calc 1 as a prerequisite, so i wasnt able to take it.</p>