No SAT...

ok so my september SAT got canceled. Here we are heading towards our second national lockdown :frowning:
So my question is: Does applying to universities without the SAT actually hurt me? I know universities said it doesn’t, but I don’t think that’s their honest answer.
and my second question: Do you recommend, in my case, to do SAT subject tests? will this help compensate the canceled SAT? (I’m going for Math 1 and Physics)

Having a high SAT/ACT score is a positive data point in an applicant’s favor, but not having a score (especially this year) will not hurt your chances. It just means other parts of the application count for a bigger share of the pie.

It is in each college’s best interest to take the most qualified applicants that match the university’s needs AND who are likely to attend, regardless of whether or not they have an SAT/ACT score.

I would say if you have the opportunity to take a subject test, take the SAT instead (they are usually given at the same time). If you have no opportunities to take either, just focus on making the rest of your application the strongest it can be.

“It is in each college’s best interest to take the most qualified applicants that match the university’s needs”

I think that this is the main point. University admissions staff understand that this is a very unusual year (I could use ruder language to describe the year 2020). They still want to admit strong students. They are not going to blame you for the SAT being cancelled, because it was totally beyond your control and also because so many students are in the same situation. I do not think that the inability to take the SAT is going to hurt you.

You should do your best, make sure that you apply to at least 2 affordable safeties, and do not worry about it.

The SAT is offered whenever the subject tests are offered, so if you do get a chance again you should go for regular SAT.

How are you going to take a Subject Test if SAT test dates are cancelled? They’re given at the same time.

Your school report that will be sent to colleges should indicate that your school was not able to sit for the SAT. We have confirmed with our school counselor that this will be highlighted for my DDs class – who also have not been able to take the SAT. If an entire class/county/region have not been able to sit for the test, I really don’t think it will weigh against you for admissions.

I already registered for SAT subject tests in October because I was planning to do the SAT in September which got canceled and the subject tests in October. I cannot change test type because the deadline has already passed and there are no more seats. That’s why I cannot do a regular SAT in October.

Have you contacted College Board to confirm this? You already have a “seat” at the test facility.