No science class junior year?

Freshman year I took biology and sophomore year I took AP Bio and Chemistry. This year I was going to take physics, but I wanted to take a class where at the end you become a CNA. So my counselor told me I should take the CNA class instead of physics and take physics senior year. Senior Year I think I will probably take 2 science classes. At my school they have integrated science, bio, AP bio, Chem, AP Chem, physics, and college bio and Chem. I plan on majoring in accounting, engineering or nursing. What do you guys think I should have done? Btw I’m taking AP lit and honors trig my school doesn’t have AP us history

For engineering and possibly nursing, it would be important for you to take a science class all 4 years. What is a CNA? I’m not familiar with that term.

its a nursing assistant

Ok, then I agree with your counselor in that you should take that course. Then, as you said, you could double up on sciences junior year.

yeah i could take the medical class senior year but im trying to decide what to major in before senior year so i know which colleges to apply to. senior year i plan on taking college alg, ap calc, ap lang, college bio, college chem, college psych, maybe ap world or physics. I dont really have any electives i want to take next year. Do you think its important to have physics? My school just started offering it last year and its a middle school teacher who teaches it

It’s important to have physics either Jr or sr year, at any level, as most 4-year colleges want to see all three of bio, chemistry , and physics. However the cna class sounds like a good opportunity. What other will you take with it next year, and how will your senior schedule look?

next year I dont have to take any more medical classes. The only other one I could take would be medical math but my state changes the medical classes a lot, so they may not offer medical math next year.

My senior schedule would either be two options

  1. ap calc(nobody at my school ever takes this most people take medical math or business math or precalc(if they arent on advanced track)
  2. college algebra
  3. ap lang(my school has college english- online - too)
  4. college bio
  5. college physics or physics
  6. psychology- college class online 1-semester class
  7. ap world or college history class
  8. some other college class

or it would be

  1. ap chem
  2. ap calc
  3. ap lang
  4. ap world
  5. accounting 2/bussiness math/french 2
  6. medical math
  7. physics

College algebra is the same as pre-calculus. If calculus is offered, take it, as it’s better to preview it in high school before you’re thrown into the more accelerated, more in-depth version in college. This is especially important if ou’re thinking of accounting or engineering, or any stem field.

What is 'medical math ’ ???

You need to take French 2 this year, and French 3 senior year. Foreign language is considered a core class and you’re supposed to be each level 3,4, or AP in order to be competitive.

Take Physics plus whichever from AP chemistry or AP bio that you haven’t taken junior year. Plus AP Lang, a social science (can be a college-level history class, perhaps better than AP world? ), that’s be our optimal schedule:
French 3
AP world or College history or another social science
AP chemistry or AP bio depending in what you took
AP language
Psychology /medical math

Its calculating dosages.

And I cant take French 2 this year bc I havent taken French 1. I took Spanish 1 the summer before sophomore year, and the Spanish teacher left last year and my school could only find a french teacher.

I took AP bio sophomore year. And I cant take french 3 because I took AP bio instead of french sophomore year. AP world is the only AP history class that the school offers. I would rather take college bio/chem than ap chem because our AP teachers dont really prepare us for the test and you arent guaranteed college credit.

No problem for AP vs. college classes. Take what will prepare you best.
‘Medical math’ sounds like the math you need for a technical degree at a community college. You totally don’t need it. Take calculus and you’ll be better off.
However you do need to take foreign language. Does a nearby community college offer French 1 and 2? Because college classes are way more intense than high school language classes, you’d complete in one year the equivalent of three years of high school French , and ou’d be good for any university, especially if you recapped on our brag sheet for your college counselor how foreign language staffing issues prevented out from taking Spanish 2 and you found a substitute on our own, asrhis would show personal initiative and drive to learn.

Yeah medical math is just for people who want an easy math class.
I looked it up and it says elemen French 1. I’m not really good at foreign languages though.

Elementary means ‘beginning’ foe foreign language.
Your choice is to cover three years of high school French in one (very intense) or to try and catch up with Spanish (you’d still need two semesters of it, but you’d have a head start on the first two months when you cover highschool Spanish 1.)