No score available what happened?

<p>This is my third time taking the act and usually i can see my score right at midnight this time nothing. What is happening?</p>

<p>It still says registered as well instead of tested</p>

<p>same problem here.
I'm still registered and it's 1:21....</p>

<p>has this ever happened to anyone? how long did you wait?</p>

<p>ahhhhhhhhh What the heck? I've never had this happen!</p>

<p>It just says registered still. No!</p>

<p>registered here too, no scores yet. This ain't good.</p>

<p>? for previous posters: Does your online account show "Registered" specifically? Can't find it in my account, other than an order (paid) for the 10/22 test. Thanks.</p>

<p>Parent1234: </p>

<p>login to your account and go "home."
from there, go to "your test dates and scores" </p>

<p>hope that helped! </p>

<p>12nepats: give it a week or so! maybe something went wrong with your registration such as information that doesn't match or filling in the wrong answer form... </p>

<p>i just hope the test center didn't lose your test or something... that'd be terrible.</p>

<p>Thanks, alexoh. if anyone else can't see a status of Registered or Tested in the Your Test Dates section, don't worry without first calling the ACT people. They confirmed that yes, I took the test and they received the test, but results are delayed for my scoring. Not sure why there's nothing listed in the Status, but I am sure I took the test and paid for it.</p>

<p>To Parent1234:</p>

<p>Did you actually call the ACT people to check and they tell you they have the test for the Oct22 date?</p>

<p>I'm still registered. I want to cry. This is really frustrating.
Can my scores be messed up or soemhting?</p>

<p>I remember that the test center I took it at and the proctor said that the school wasn't aware they had to adminster the writting portion. There was a whole room of students with writting admission tickets though so they did it anyways.
Could this be a major problem?
Should I call the school?</p>


anyone get their scores yet? still registered and nothing for me. whats the first letter of your guys last names?</p>

<p>Still just registered in Missouri. Last name starts with B. Your theory?</p>

<p>Same here! :( I hope it's not delayed for two months...
Still registered from Long Island, last name starts with L.</p>

<p>Ooh the only other kid at my school who didnt get it started with N like my last name I guess it's just random. Hope we get them tonight</p>

<p>The suspense is killing me! I can't wait to get my scores back!</p>

<p>is everyone still registered?</p>

<p>still registered.</p>

<p>you guys got them yet?</p>

<p>Nope, I'm not happy either</p>