No sports or band. Will I be fine for the Ivies?

For instance, if I were to do plenty of EC’s to make up for the lack of band or soccer, will I still have an equal chance for the Ivies?

Along with a lot of volunteering, International baccalaureate, S.T.E.M baccalaureate, some AP courses, do I have an equal chance of getting in?

Without all the rest of your stats, it’s hard for anyone to say. However, band and sports are not a requirement for the Ivies- plenty of people go to Ivy League schools that aren’t music kids or sports kids.

No sports or band here, going to penn (wharton).

It doesn’t really matter what your ECs are, exactly, as long as you really care about them.

Playing sports/instruments are not a requirement for getting in. The only time your specific extracurricular activities matter is if you are good enough at the activity for it to be a hook. For example, being good enough at a sport to be recruited and play for the school or good enough at an instrument to be recruited to their orchestra/band.

Which Ivy? They are not interchangeable, and if you think they are, your chances are slim to none. Figure out what each school values. Do you value that too? You should only apply to colleges you care about and know something about. You shouldn’t just blindly apply to all the Ivies in case you can get into one of them.