no subj tests but act writing score

is it true that colleges EVEN IVIES (Dartmouth) will allow act writing scores in exchange for sat subject testS?

Check the individual college websites. Also, as a general rule when the most selective schools “strongly recommend” subject tests, it essentially means required.

No, some schools do actually require two subject tests in addition to the ACT with writing. I believe that Dartmouth is one of them.

I have done the research and there are about 30 colleges that require SAT subject tests and of these 14 will allow you to submit ACT with writing in lieu of SAT subject tests. D has a very strong ACT (36) and she still submitted SAT II scores that were between 730 and 790. Read Dartmouth’s test policy again, I do not think that you can get by just sending ACT with writing

These schools are:

Amherst College *
Barnard College *
Boston College *
Brown University *
Columbia University *
Duke University *
Haverford College *
Pomona College *

Rice University *
Swarthmore College *
Tufts University *

University of Pennsylvania *
Wellesley College *
Yale University *