no such thing as molecular engineering...

<p>I've been looking for something to compare to the idea of screwing around with atoms as a career. The first thing that popped into my head was "molecular engineering," or quantum physics, but there's no such major. So could anyone tell me a major I could look for that would potentially lead to such concentrations? I was thinking along the lines of Engineering physics, or nuclear engineering.</p>

<p>Zninjazero: Working at the atomic level (for example, nanotechnology) is a very advanced field, and won't be offered as an undergraduate major. A major in physics, engineering physics, chemistry or chemical engineering are good entries into graduate schools where you could try specializing in atomic and molecular level work.</p>

<p>Nuclear engineering has to do with nuclear power and the like, which is not what you are thinking of.
Look at those subjects, including the required courses, and see which ones interest you as possible majors.</p>