No Summer Enrichment Prgm for HS students???


<p>FSU has one summer enrichment program but I believe it is for music students. How can a school as big as FSU not have some summer enrichment program for high school students who want to get a taste of college before they get there? </p>

<p>It doesn't need to be for credit, in fact, I'd prefer that it wasn't. But I don't want complete blow-off classes either. Something real but not obscenely hard would be best. </p>

<p>It doesn't have to be for the whole summer either. Two or three weeks are best. For comparison purposes, the best summer enrichment programs I have seen that do not cost above $7,500 are the LENS program at Wake (Google it); the U. of MYD's summer scholars program; absolutely fantastic and affordable; and Furman's one week program for a dirt cheap $1,000. All great programs that set the kid apart. </p>

<p>Cornell and Stanford's program are truly amazing but cost $8G's and up. No thanks. Not in this economy. Can we get real here? </p>

<p>I'd love to send both of my kids to FSU next summer.</p>

<p>Why do you assume there are none. Here are just the few I know of personally. There are more. Google will probably give you more. The first one is a residential 6 week camp. Some of the others are residential and some are not. </p>

<p>The</a> Young Scholars Program [YSP] at Florida State University [FSU]<br>
[url=<a href="">]SATURDAY-AT-THE-SEA[/url</a>]
[url=<a href="">]National</a> High Magnetic Field Laboratory - SciGirls Summer Camp

<p>Here are the athletic camps I know of</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
Official</a> Site of Florida State Tennis Camp
Florida</a> State Baseball Camps | Mike Martin Baseball School | Florida
Florida</a> State University Official Athletic Site</p>

<p>Fine arts:
Florida</a> State University<br>Summer Acting Camp Listings
Summer</a> Intensive Dance Workshop / News / Dance / FSU - School of Dance
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Maybe have your child take some classes at your local community college during the summer to get a taste of college on the cheap, which also allows your high school student to get a summer job at home too for a taste of the real world.</p>

<p>Thanks Sunnyflorida. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw all those links!! I didn't assume, I did what I thought was a good search, and only found the dance/acting stuff. </p>

<p>None of these will work. Honorable #1 son isn't a math/science guy and we can already get more athletic related camps than you can shake a stick at. Thanks, however. </p>

<p>Oh well, maybe next year.</p>

<p>Thanks Lizard. I/we are pretty much set on a CC after high school, great honors program, believe it or not, so don't wanna overdo the CC thing. Really want to get him out of town for 2-3 weeks at a name Univ to get him excited for what's ahead. </p>

<p>Well worth the money. </p>

<p>As I said, MYD and Wake and Furman are no. 1,2 3 right now unless I come across something better. He will probably do Furman's next year because he is supposed to start in football next year and I don't want him gone for a month over the summer when they do conditioning and loss his spot. Not going to risk it. So, if he is gone for one week that is manageable. Then, after he graduates, and before he hits the CC, I will send him to Wake or MYD's and I think it will be the kind of trip that literally changes his life.</p>

<p>Did you look at Brown for a summer enrichment program. They have 1,2 and 3 week programs. University of Rochester also has the Rochester Scholars program, a 1 or 2 week residential/and non residential program for high school students. The price of the program at U of R is reasonable.</p>