No transcript til June 28!

<p>I called DD's high school today to request her official transcript be sent on down to UA. No go! The registrar is on vacation and won't be back in the office until June 28th. Nobody else is allowed to send official transcripts. I sent her an email with the request. Hopefully, she'll be able to mail it down fairly quickly after she returns.</p>

<p>Good news: mail from Huntsville to Tuscaloosa should get there in only 1 or 2 days. :)</p>

<p>Gotta love the enthusiasm :) Since the app won't be up till the first week of July (probably) it doesn't really matter that you have to wait until June 28th for the transcript. The app is quick & easy & as long as test scores are already at UA, you will have a quick turnaround on your app once the transcript arrives.</p>

<p>I know it seems odd when you're raring to go, but this past year I was shocked by how many kids in Ds school waited until December to have transcripts sent!</p>

<p>Yes, it's ok if the registrar won't be sending the transcript until June 28/29/30. Luckily, Bama won't be buried in transcripts at that time, so when Bama receives it in the mail, they should process it quickly.</p>

<p>*mail from Huntsville to Tuscaloosa<a href="You're%20my%20neighbor!!!%20%20:">/I</a> )</p>

<p>At least your daughter's guidance director can send it soon. I was in the office of our guidance director Thursday, and he's still buried under stuff left from graduation nearly a week ago. He is sending out final transcripts for those who just graduated, so that has to be his priority.</p>

<p>M2CK, yes, I realized that awhile back when I saw some other post of yours or something. :) I'm actually out in the county, in the Sparkman district. I'm one of those rarities: a Huntsville native! (Although I did spend most of my childhood in another state.) DH is a semi-native: he's been here since he was about 5.</p>

<p>Now, time to go get dressed and get ready to head down to campus to retrieve daughter from Crimson Band Camp.</p>

<p>Hope the cell phone issue gets resolved!!!</p>