No transcripts or school reports needed?

<p>I just want to make sure of something. Berkeley does not require your high school to send anything, such as a transcript, mid year report, or even a counselor recommendation. Then if you get accepted, you send in a transcript for them to verify everything. Right? Thanks.</p>


<p>(This has been posted a million times recently.)</p>

<p>please search the forums next time for a question like this</p>

<p>Haha, no wonder no one answered my thread... xD</p>

<p>that's so strange.. how do they know you're not lying? well i guess they'd figure out eventually and not accept you.
but still. that's so weird. i wasted $4 buying an extra transcript.</p>

<p> even leaves room for error on the applicants part, but i guess it would be his/her fault.</p>

<p>They'll find out when you send your transcripts at the end of the year. They can and will rescind your admission if there are discontinuities.</p>

<p>yea no transcript needed until u r sure ur going there</p>

<p>Transcripts are due July 15th after acceptance, prior to commencement of class. And they DO check for errors and they DO rescind.</p>