No water bottles in moffit?

<p>I was warned several times these past weeks that no water bottles in moffit. what?! There's an african american lady always there walking around to check on ppl who have their water bottles out and told them "that needs to go away". </p>

<p>And yesterday, she wrote down my name on her book and asked for my ID. I asked her why first and then she turned to be so mad and rude yelling at me. Geez, she's so rude during the whole process and everyone else was staring at us. </p>

<p>Is that the school policy no water bottles allowed in library? I understand no drinks allowed, but it;s just water.</p>

<p>I think writing down your SID might just be a scare tactic/warning ... it happened to me once but nothing happened.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if there's a new rule or anything but water bottles use to be okay.</p>

<p>Go to the Haas library. They let you bring coffee, tea, or anything in, as long as its in a closed container. The seats are super uncomfortable though.</p>

<p>Water bottles aren't allowed there? I work at Moffitt, and I didn't even know that.</p>

<p>yeah, i hate the seats in haas library. too soft.</p>

<p>i felt weird too. she basically told everyone who had a water bottle on the desk around me.</p>

<p>I've worked for security/the desk at Moffitt and of course you can bring in water. It might be one of the new security people unsure of the rules...or maybe a particularly paranoid rover (I have an idea who this woman might be). I would go complain to one of the reference librarians and s/he pass it down to security if (seriously) water <em>is</em> actually allowed. Which I think is, but hey, maybe the rules have changed? Just go complain to them, they're always annoyed about Security and they'll be sure to make the appropriate supervisor aware of this.</p>

<p>fight the power. ask for her name and give her a fake name. that's what i would do. and if she asks for your id, just leave. she's not the popo.</p>