Nobles and Greenough

<p>After listing down all the prep schools i wanted to go to, ive narrowed it down to Nobles. Im not saying that i know im surely going to get accepted the school, but its the best school that fits for me.
First of all, i need answers from you guys if you think i can get accepted. My first quarter report card isnt really great and i got 2 Bs, 4 Cs, and 2 Ds. Compare to last year though, i had... Well lets just say i went to summer school.
The Bs i got are from math and english and on the application for Nobles, math and english teachers recommendation are the only classes they had for recommendation.
Also i got 10+ tardies, a couple absences, but compare to last year, i had 50+ tardies.
I am not trying to say that i am proud of this sophomore year but i think i made a HUGE improvement from 9th grade.
My progress report that i received last week has 1 F from spanish, but i hope nobles only look at the first quarter report card.
Also, i am applying for 11th grade but ill try to reclass back to 10th mostly for my basketball career.
So.... What do you guys think my chances are getting in nobles.</p>

<p>Ps i really want to go to this school and ive been stressing all school year about it and i hope nobles see that i am trying to change and see my improvements</p>


<p>Marco, Marco Marco....</p>

<p>Congratulations on all your many improvements.</p>

<p>Begin by contacting the basketball coach and let him know you are applying...and make her / him aware of your comittment to the school. You might also want to give him a little background on your academics and whether pursuing admission to the school is a viable and attainable objective.</p>

<p>There are other schools in the area which may be a better academic fit for you. Make a list of what you like about Nobles and look for similar qualities in other schools. I bet you find a few.</p>

<p>Also, if you are serious about your education, it all starts with you being there on time, right?</p>

I'm very close to Noble and Greenough School :) If you very much excel in basketball, and up your grades just a little more to at least Bs, you have a good chance of getting in with a good SSAT.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>just being honest i wouldnt be surprised if you wernt excepted</p>

<p>Heys guys, thanks for some of you for the goodluck. I have another question though. On the Nobles website, it says they around 5 juniors and 10 sophomores a year. Does this mean only those 5 juniors a year get accepted?</p>

<p>yep ( i think)</p>