<p>Did anyone else get conflicting e-mails regarding acceptance into a NOLA track? S got one email that says over 200 applicants for 100 spots, so sorry, etc. and then another that said congratulations! and linked him to a spread sheet of all the participants (with his name on it) so we are hoping that the congratulations email was the right one! He had heard great things about the program and really wanted to do it so we are all very excited!</p>

<p>If he saw a list with his name on it, I would think 95% that is the right one, but of course a phone call on Monday to the coordinator is in order. I suspect they accidentally sent the "so sorry" letter to everyone. How many names on the participant list you saw?</p>

<p>About 10-11 per track so maybe a little over 100?</p>

<p>That definitely sounds like the final list. Call to be sure, but I rather suspect what I said in post 2 is right.</p>

<p>i got in too and i was actually at tulane when the list was sent out so its definitly finalized if his name was on the spreadsheet hes definitley in</p>

<p>I only got the "We are sorry to inform you..." letter.</p>

<p>Gabby - :( I actually looked for your name on the list hoping that my S might meet you!</p>

<p>Cali - what track are you doing?</p>

<p>3bysmom - I had mixed feelings when I got the letter. Although I really wanted to participate, as the the time was coming closer I started to have second thoughts. I haven't even graduated yet, and the thought of leaving my friends a week earlier was giving me cold feet. </p>

<p>Since your son and I attended orientation together, we may have already met. Maybe even partied at the Boot together :)</p>

<p>My daughter did not get in the NOLA experience and is very disappointed. It would be nice if they could open it up to all who want to participate.</p>

<p>I am extremely sure they would if they could. But I guess they only have a certain number of group leaders and they really cannot do too many in a group. But I agree with you it would be great if they could.</p>

<p>down and dirty in the big easy! which is your son doing?</p>

<p>New Orleans native style but I think you all get together quite a few times as a big group.</p>