Non Academia at Connecticut College

I am currently a high school senior and have gotten accepted to Connecticut College, everything I have heard thus far about the school has been great except for the social scene. I come from a high school with parties almost every weekend and really enjoy letting loose after a hard week of work. A girl (sophomore at CC) Tells me that this school is only fun if you play a sport and that the social life is poor? Can someone enlighten me with more information?

I have heard similar reports. Also was told that Conn College socializes with students from the US Coast Guard Academy = future police.

Also close to 65/35 f/m ratio.

I’m not sure why you say future police as it looks like the Coast Guard Academy is hard to get into and most majors are engineering and government related. I believe the school is similar to West Point and Naval Academy (but obviously for Coast Guard). That being said my daughter is considering Conn also and I would love to know more about things to do, she is not sporty and not really a partier either, but still wants to have fun.

My daughter is also strongly considering Conn. My daughter is similar to lassy4’s daughter. Non athlete but is friends with athletes at her high school. Not into partying but likes to have fun. Conn does many fun events like dances and outdoor concerts. The most important thing is to find a core group of friends and the rest takes care of itself.

I think if you are looking for a partying type environment and want to stay in the nescac then maybe trinity college since they have a Greek life.

I am confused about the coast guard comment. This school is a highly selective school having the best cadets. Maybe some will become policemen. That’s a good thing isn’t it?

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What are your other choices? Oops, meant that for @Collegecoolguy

The primary responsibility of the US Coast Guard is to police our nation’s waterways & coastline.

The US Coast Guard, unlikeUSMA @ West Point, USNA @ Annapolis, & USAFA at Colorado Springs, does not require a Congressional appointment.

I’ve really narrowed it down to either Conn or Marist, but only Marist because it is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.

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My daughter is a Sophomore at Conn and she’s doesn’t play sports, and from what I can tell, she has a very active social life. I don’t think you’ll have any problem finding parties to go to!