Non-art schools with top notch art programs?


<p>i’m a junior, like many others on this forum, and i’ve kicked off my college search. art is a huge extracurricular for me, so i’m looking for colleges that are especially strong in the arts, namely, the fine arts–but a strong fine arts department probably goes hand in hand with music, theatrics, etc. (correct me if I’m wrong, please.)</p>

<p>here’s my requirement list, and if any of you could mention some schools that fit the list, that’d be really great. So far I have schools like Yale & NYU (feel free to add some input on these, esp. Yale… not like I have a chance though–I’ve got a 3.8/2380. haha. but seriously, my chances there are beyond dead with that wretched GPA.)</p>

<li>strong fine arts department</li>
<li>great departments everywhere else, since i’m not set on majoring in art, but i’m not talking top 10 all across the board</li>
<li>a large (research) university; i tend to avoid the smallness of liberal arts colleges.</li>
<li>diversity, diversity, diversity (i.e. no mormon/jesuit/religious/small/state schools, please!)</li>
<li>i need to be around smart kids… it’s just how i function best.</li>

<p>thanks a lot!!</p>

<p>[EDIT, also, what’s the deal with art supplements & supplemental recs from art teachers in the application? do they really affect admissions that much, or just a reaffirmation/confirmation of your self-proclaimed artistic prowess–esp @ schools like Yale?]</p>

<p>UCLA has one of the best fine arts departments in the country, but you might have a tough time with a 3.8</p>

<p>Temple University.</p>

<p>Dartmouth. Really.</p>

<p>You need to have some nice safeties and matches. How about Wooster? Too small?
College</a> of Wooster Academic Programs: Art & Art History</p>

<p>Washington University
Skidmore -maybe too small-but excellent facilities
Carnegie Mellon</p>

<p>USC? 10char</p>

<p>I also second Carnegie Mellon and Wash U!</p>

<p>I third CMU, Wash U. St.Louis, UCLA and Brown.</p>

<p>I was gonna suggest St. Rose...But it doesn't fit your requirements.</p>

<p>chair2, my son also sought a full-service college with strong art studio and art history departments. He was interested in Yale and Brown, but gravitated toward to the small LAC and ended up at Williams, which has great art, music and theater.</p>

<p>If you change your mind on the LAC front then I would recommend Williams, Wesleyan, Conn College, Skidmore, Hamilton. Smith if you are female.
All of these have top academics, smart kids and a lot of arts related opportunities, even for non-majors.</p>

<p>RE the arts supplement: Yes, do submit a package that reflects your fine art experience, even if you don't intend to major in art. The small and medium colleges and universities are looking for multi-faceted kids who will contribute to the campus community in more than one dimension. </p>

<p>Many colleges just ask for slides (or a CD) of your work. I would take that one step further and put together an art package that would include the portfolio, a supplemental recommendation from an instructor or mentor, a resume that lists your achievements, award, classes and selective (two maximum) media articles about you. </p>

<p>Art + academics can be a powerful draw at selective colleges and universities, but you need to get the message across in your application.</p>