Non Auto Admit Chances of Getting into University of Texas

What are my chances of getting into UT with my stats as an in state applicant?

Rank 82/988 (8%)
GPA 4.68 Weighted

Took 5 APs and 2 APs Senior year. 4 Duals Credit classes.

Lots of EC’s and super involved in the community. Around 200+ service hours from volunteering at the hospital and community service clubs. 4 leadership positions in total from HOSA, Orchestra, and Key Club (president of Key Club). Orchestra member for 4 years and participated in a girl’s coding club where I coded a website advocating for women’s health. Was in Latin Club where I placed 2nd and 1st in state competitions.

I haven’t taken the SAT yet, but would I have a higher chance for getting into their Pre Nursing program (Nutrition as second choice major) from my EC’s?

I am an in state applicant btw

Getting in shouldn’t be a problem. Getting the major you want is a whole different story at UT, if it’s a popular major like Nursing, Business, etc. Be sure to apply to plenty of back-up schools.

If you’re looking into nursing, it’s usually best to take your generals and prerequisites at a local community college. Nursing schools are competitive, and you will probably end up going to a different school than where you started. There are a lot of upper-division only nursing programs in Texas. Plus, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper doing it that way.

I think you’re a very strong candidate. I’m also applying as a non-auto admit, good luck to both of us!