Non-custodial parent form

<p>I have recently been informed of the non-custodial parent form required by some schools, and it has me a bit worried about my financial aid packages. Has anyone had any experience with this form, and if so, how were your financial aid packages affected?</p>

<p>The colleges beleive that both parents have a moral , social and sometimes legal obilgation to to pay for the college education. Therefore want to see the financial picture of both partents. Even if the non-custodial parents says they they don't want to or will not pay, the student is caught in the middle because that income is still calculated into your financial aid.</p>

<p>If your father is a totally absentee parent then you would have to get a waiver and each school will tell you what you need to get the wavier for the non custodial parent.</p>

<p>all the best</p>