Non-Custodial Parent Info?

<p>Hey! I have been looking at the application materials required by the colleges that I ranked for College Match and they require my non-custodial parent to fill out some forms if my parents are separated. My parents do not live together but they are not divorced, and they are not legally separated (whatever that means). I count as an international student because I am not a US citizen or green card holder. My father still lives in my home country. I live with my mother, who is the only one financially contributing to my family. I do not have any contact with my father other than the occasional phone call once every half year. I did indicate in my Quest Bridge application that my parents are separated but the information required by colleges asks for federal income tax returns and CSS profile for my father, but he is not employed in the US so that presents another problem. There is an option to waive the requirement of his financial information but I must include a statement from a third party (ministers, counselors, or some professionals) who can verify my situation. Other than my guidance counselor at school who doesn't really know much about my father other than the fact that he doesn't live with us, I can't really think of anyone else who can attest to my situation. HELP! What should I do?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, you are out of luck. Your parents are married, and you nd to include the financial info from both. It is not likely that you will get a waiver. You need to look for the very few colleges that will even consider aid for international students.</p>

<p>Have your guidance counselor write the letter with as much information as you can give him/her. We had a different situation, but a letter from the counselor worked for us.</p>