Non-Girly Haircut Place Please

<p>DS Has requested I ask the CC crowd for suggestions on where to get a cheap, simple, guy’s haircut. His research has resulted in what he deems ‘girly salons’ or people who just wait until they visit home. Although he has a car, he is somewhat directionally challenged, so the easier to get to, the better, although we did supply him with a Garmin on move-in weekend.</p>

<p>surely there is something like great clips or supercuts or fantastic sams or sport clips there.</p>

<p>my DD gets her hair cut at home.</p>

<p>how about looking for a barber shop.</p>

<p>While not exactly the cheapest place to get a haircut, there is a Sports Clips at the shopping area across from the University Mall on McFarland. It's somewhere in between the Starbucks and Chipotle. Definitely one of the best places to get a guy's haircut.</p>

<p>Tell him to wear a shirt with an Alabama logo on it and he should get a discount.</p>

<p>Yes, Sports Clips in Midtown Village isn't the least bit cuts men's hair.</p>

<p>I'll buzz him for free.</p>

<p>slippy: Based on prior postings I suspect you are NOT within a 5 mile radius.</p>

<p>Don's is an old-fashioned men's barbershop. It's on 15th St, across from Taco Bell. It's as old-school as advertised. There's also a place downtown, a few doors down from DePalma's, called Just 4 Him. Don't know much about it.</p>

<p>Other than slippy's house, where would one get a cheap buzz cut?</p>

<p>My son got his cut on the strip at a place called HeadStart. It cost about $20.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for all the input, everybody. I have just tendered all your suggestions to him and he will head out tomorrow. Oh, and when I told him about the barbershop, he asked 'What's a barbershop?" </p>

<p>I feel SO old.</p>

<p>Slippy, you could open up shop once a month....kinda like a rave party! Different location each time, social media is your friend. Income potential is open ended! DS is looking too. Which ones mentioned above are within walking distance from the honors college dorms? He is without wheels.</p>

<p>Or we all could chip in for a Flowbee ;-)</p>

<p>There was a haircutting place right by the UPS Store near PUBLIX, must be unisex, my son has used them for a cut when he could not wait.</p>

<p>S is afraid they are going to give him "Bama bangs".</p>

<p>My kids have never had a problem getting their haircut the way they want. No Bama</p>

<p>Yes, DS went to the place by UPS and Publix. He paid $17 plus tip for buzz cut.</p>

<p>I think you can buy some electric dog clippers for $17 and do it yourself. LOL!!!</p>

<p>PS - those Bama Bangs? Girls love 'em.</p>