Non guaranteed housing

<p>Due to some personal issues and mail mixups, we did not meet housing deposit deadline. My daughter will be a freshman this Fall. So now she is in non guaranteed housing status and on a waiting list. She applied for the SPACE floors. What are her chances of getting on the SPACE floors? What are her chances of getting a room in the Towers period? Should we be overly concerned about her not getting an on-campus room? What are her chances next year of getting on-campus room-if she applies early in Spring 2011? Called Panther Central and they said Freshman are high on the wait list. We're nervous.</p>

<p>It's very hard to answer your questions, because demand changes from year to year. I know that the year my daughter was a freshman, there were three girls bunking in the floor's common area. A couple of weeks after the semester started, they were each moved to other rooms, and the common room returned to its function as a TV lounge. I don't think that happened the next year, so it's hard to tell.</p>

<p>If I had to guess, I would say that your daughter will get housing, and I bet it's somewhere in Towers, but she may not specifically get on the SPACE floor. The three towers are quite large, and it's still fairly early in the process. Lots of kids make other plans over the summer, and I bet rooms in Towers will open up. That is just a guess, though. Best of luck to your daughter at Pitt!</p>

<p>I am not an expert on this either, but I did not hear about too many kids in triples/temps at Pitt last year. Perhaps some of the Pitt students could comment on how many kids they knew who were in temporary rooms.</p>

<p>When is the SPACE floor application due? Is it first come, first serve or is it competitive? My daughter applied for the global learning community dorm (which I would not recommend based on her experience) last year and heard back within a day or two. That might be a ploy--applying for a couple different living/learning communities that might be appealing and might not be in as high of demand as the SPACE floor.</p>

<p>Last year they had an over-enrollment and had students living in the lounges of the dorms. Students in housing were told not to expect any transfers to other housing due to the numbers of students without dorm assignments. This was info given by the RA at my child's dorm. There was an article about this in the Pitt News too.</p>

<p>Thank you for your comments. The SPACE floor original application deadline was May 21, and recently the website says it was extended to May 31.</p>

<p>So, is that good news? Does that apply to kids on the wait list for housing?</p>

<p>I am not sure if the date extension is good news, or if it was just an administrative issue. We are coming from out of state so I really hope d gets on-campus housing. We'll have to wait and see. When I call Panther Central I get very vague responses. However, I can understand that they want to be careful about giving out information that sounds too much like a promise.</p>