Non-MT theatre at Northwestern

<p>There is a lot out there about the MT program at Northwestern. Does anyone have any insight about the straight acting program for the kids who do not audition/do not get into the MT certification? Is the theater degree (without the MT certification) performance based or academic only? Thanks!</p>

<p>The straight acting program at Northwestern is performance based and, unlike many programs, both the MT and straight acting students participate in the same acting sequence. Also, all students can audition for all shows.</p>

<p>Although our D is an MT, one of the primary reasons she chose NU over any BFA program was on the strength of the straight acting program. The acting sequence is unique in that freshman observe all acting teachers and get a role in selecting the coach they most want to spend 3 years in a small cohort with. The success of graduates places it among the top acting programs in the country.</p>

<p>That said, as a BA Northwestern is also a very strong academic program. Unlike most BFA programs, students have a great deal of flexibility in designing curriculum so some choose to create a BFA-like schedule with heavy performance focus, while others create a more academic Theatre curriculum and many opt to double major.</p>

<p>There are several folks on CC with straight acting kids at NU so hopefully some of them can add information about their kids' experiences.</p>

<p>Thanks very much, that is very helpful. Do you know if anyone can major in theatre/acting, or do you have to be accepted, like MT?</p>

<p>You initially apply to Northwestern as a Theatre major, and your application is considered only with those of other Theatre applicants. As you would expect at a top university, there is a high academic threshold for all applicants to Northwestern. </p>

<p>Once you are admitted to the program you don't need to audition for straight acting, as all admitted Theatre students (including straight actors, designers, writers, MTs, etc.) take the acting sequence, though there are several Certificate programs (including MT and one in writing) which require separate applications.</p>

<p>My D is interested only in straight acting and so far she LOVES Northwestern! She is loving pretty much everything about it--classes, students, opportunity. She's taking a voice/movement class right now and is discovering how out of shape she is. She also loves the opportunity to meet non actors in academic classes. It's just a wonderful program, at least so far for her.</p>

<p>Thanks very much to both, much appreciated!</p>

<p>My S is a junior in the straight acting program. No interest in MT. His plans include becoming the greatest actor of his generation. ;) Next Pacino, DeNiro, either would suit him fine. He LOVES his acting instructor and has a great relationship with the instructor, who has contacts with former students "in the business" who are willing to speak with/help/mentor my S. Hopefully, this will all work out the way he wants it to. :)</p>