Non-Music People at Lawrence

<p>Lawrence is a GREAT place for musicians, but it's reputation also bills it as a great school for non-musicians. Anyone else out there, planning to go to Lawrence, who is NOT a musician... even as a hobby? S1 is concerned he'll be the only one.</p>

<p>My D’s bf goes there and he’s not a musician. He’s a STEM major. Seems very happy there.</p>

<p>Thanks! S is going to be a physics major.</p>

<p>There are plenty of non-musicians at Lawrence.</p>

<p>I tell everyone one I know about this special school and get takers. You can’t do any better, well that is what I believe. Son went into the conservatory and exited through another portal. That was special. Good school!</p>

<p>Only about 350/1400+ students are in the Con, and I think that includes the double degree people. Your son should have no problem with not feeling left out!</p>

<p>I have a variation on this theme. How’s Lawrence for non-Con kids who love music, but at a garage band level? Son loves to play, rock, blues, and jazz, is largely self- taught, doesn’t read much music, but is quite good at picking things up by ear. Would like to take private lessons, get better, learn to read a little music, get a little theory, too, but as a non-major, of course. Is there a place for him, music-wise, at LU? Do the Con kids suffer garage-banders gladly?</p>

<p>Sunmachine, seek and hopefully your son will find. It has been hard for my D to do anything with music, and she LOVES to sing/went to a summer program at Berklee two years ago come summer. Since she did not apply to the Con (advised not to/doesn’t read a lot of music, either/long story) and auditioned during Welcome Week for voice lessons, but no teacher had a ‘place’ for her in a ‘studio’ so no lessons. There is emphasis on classical style/my D is more Indie/Blues/Jazz. She tried out for a new a capella group/ went to the next round of auditioning, but didn’t really want to sing in it nor join a choir. A couple of kids who heard her voice approached her about ‘starting a group’…so lots of non-Connies or ones who drop Con to do just the four-year liberal arts degree do create music on their own…and if your son connects with kids, hopefully he WILL get to continue on with his love for music. There are opportunities, and my D is still trying to figure out how to connect with someone in the Con to find out about private voice lessons.</p>