Non need blind schools impact by need amount?

<p>I'm not sure how to make a topic to ask this.. our EFC is quite high, but we might qualify for a small amount of aid - less than 10K a year probably - depending on the school. When a school is not need blind, do they consider the amount of need, and would the relatively small amount we would qualify for hurt admission chances less than say - someone who would need pretty much a full ride? My daughter did apply for financial aid on her applications - so this is a done deal at this point, but I'd still like to know what people think. Do they just separate in admissions by Need or Don't Need? or do they get into the actual amount needed... anyone know? I feel a bit bad that we are asking for aid from schools she would really like to be admitted to.. but if we would qualify for some, it would be really helpful as we're older parents and far from rich - about 130K salary and few assets. Thanks for any insights.. just hoping to have some idea of the impact of how she applied.</p>

<p>If a school is need aware, that means that your need for financial aid IS considered when your application for admissions is considered. Honestly, there is really no way to know how this will impact your one applicant. </p>

<p>I'm going to guess that if the student is highly desirable in many other ways...this won't have as much impact as for the student whose application might not be as strong as really needed for acceptance. BUT really I'm guessing.</p>

<p>One mechanism is for a need-aware school to be need blind until the yield-adjusted financial aid budget is depleted; thereafter only full-pays are admitted. But at that transition there may not be enough money left for Tommy but there is for Susie, so the amount needed can be a factor, but few students are affected.</p>

<p>In any case, a school's being need-blind or need-aware should be irrelevant to domestic applicants; it doesn't affect the desirability of the school nor the quality of education, just the chance of admission, and then only for a few on the cusp.</p>

<p>our EFC is quite high, but we might qualify for a small amount of aid - less than 10K a year probably - depending on the schoo</p>


<p>Keep in mind that unless your child will be going to one of the VERY few schools that don't put loans if the FA package, the aid will NOT BE met with a full grant. </p>

<p>With less than $10k of need, it's very likely that the school will meet that need with:</p>

<p>5500 student loan
2500 work study
and maybe either a $2k grant or a $2k gap.</p>

<p>Does this school require CSS profile as well?</p>

<p>Does it promise to meet 100% of need?</p>