Non-New Englanders?

About how many people at your school do not live in New England?

Ummm… you might want to make the question a little more specific @heyytheree Are you talking to boarding school students? Everyone at my school is required to live in a specific city that is not in New England

@heyytheree Are you asking all these questions in order to try and find a school, or just general interest about what boarding school might be like? If you want to find specific schools, I would go search for specific things on the website. Once you have some idea then you can go on their websites and then ask specific questions about them here. If you have specific concerns, such as “I am from TN and afraid I won’t fit in” then I think you might get more responses. I think you aren’t getting many responses because your questions are a bit random. Maybe if you told us what’s behind them, then we could have advise, stories, etc to tell you.