Non Partier at Gettysburg

My son is considering Gettysburg as an athlete. He is not at all a drinker and is not really interested in Greek life (I know this might change but can’t assume that) We’ve been reading that it is very prevalent at G’burg - are there other social groups and events if you’re not a partier, or are you an outcast. I imagine his team will be his social circle, but outside that?
Thanks group!


I believe that if your son is reasonably outgoing he would find other activities for fun. I think athletes there are suppose to have dry seasons anyway. I know there are weekly events like trivia nights too. There is also substance-free living called RISE and they sponsor events:

“RISE students and staff work collaboratively to coordinate on-campus and off-campus programs that focus on helping students to develop friendships and to have fun. The RISE program often collaborates with other offices to design and implement programs and all RISE events are funded by the Student Activities fee. “

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