Non- party life?

Interested in applying to Syracuse. I’m pretty interested in communications, especially in sports broadcast journalism (I could also see going into advertising or some of the other subjects that Newhouse has to offer). I know that Newhouse is probably the ideal school in the nation for those interests, and I took a Newhouse specific tour this weekend-- it definitely checked off most of my boxes.

However, I know that Syracuse is consistently ranked among the top party schools in the nation. I don’t drink or smoke, and I prefer not to be around that lifestyle at all (I know that’s not really an option in college, but I’d like to minimize it if possible). Since the Newhouse program is such a good fit for me, I’m wondering if its worth sacrificing the campus lifestyle that I want? How easy will it be to find a group of non-drinkers at such a notorious party school?

Any replies from current or former students appreciated-- thanks!