Non-traditional student, NYC area schools

I’m a 30-year old non-traditional student who returned to community college last year to complete a degree I began years ago, worked in the interim. I’ve applied to several non-traditional programs at schools in the NYC metro area with the goal of completing my BA, and possibly MA.

So far Bard has offered me the best financial aid (almost a full ride) and they have everything I’m looking to do. I’m concerned about the remoteness and being one of a handful of older students in a small LAC comprised of mostly traditional-aged students.

I was accepted at both Columbia School of General Studies and NYU, but neither gave me very much aid, so they’re out of the picture.

Does anyone know about The New School and their program for returning students? It sounds promising, and I’d rather be in the city for networking and job-prospects (when things are safer post-covid). Any info about affordability for students like me, scholarships etc?

Any input is appreciated!

I’m a 35 year old non traditional student who was given a full ride to Bard and I’m accepting, barring entrance to Yale Eli Whitney, Amherst or Williams. My only concern was the financial state at Bard but recent endowments put that to rest. They seem to have wonderful professors, small classes and exciting programs. I think you’ll still be able to network. Feel free to Dm me as a fellow nontrad.