Noo More Sat's!!!! Waaaahooo!!

<p>Yessssaaa! Done with them SAT's for life, baby! Who else is with me? Now, the only thing left to do is recieve some good scores on these last II's!</p>

<p>PAAAARTAY! :D</p>

<p>I wish I was with you.....
But in Dec. I'll be sharing your happiness :)</p>

<p>lol i definitely felt that way when I was done. I wanted to burn all my prep books.</p>

<p>I am too. I'd feel a lot better about it if I hadn't done poorly on the Lit test today. I guess I went out with a standardized-test-whimper.</p>

<p>I'm done too. Today was my only chance to do well on the sat II's.... im applying ed.</p>

<p>I am done, it is an experienced I don't want to re-live. Now i have to start studying for the MCATs lol</p>

<p>I AM DONE!!!!... i did really bad today... but its my last time... done with the IIs... yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... its kind of sad...</p>

<p>CollegeBoard ain't sucking another dime out of me!</p>

<p>Except for sending score reports. :(</p>

<p>That's awesome that so many of us are done with such a hectic and crucial part of our lives. <em>Pats everyone on back</em></p>

<p>We did it guys, we got through the hell.</p>

<p>the test that i took today had 4 math sections, and 3 verbals.i read that 1 of the math sections dont count, so that there would be 60 questions. anyway, on the grid in section i gridded the answer but i think i forgot to bubble in the digits. so right there i omitted like 10 questions and didnt know. plus 6 more questions i didnt get to, plus about 3 or 4 i got wrong. Being that i answered all 4 sections of math. What do you think my raw score is?</p>