North Colleges

<p>I'm so excited to find out what my college will be in a few days, but I have this impression that the north colleges are just a little disconnected. I'm afraid of feeling as if I'm not really a part of the campus. Does anybody on the message boards live in a north college? What is it like? If I'm right, I think the north colleges are Martel, Jones, and Brown.</p>

<p>I'm curious too.</p>

<p>my sister has been at brown for 3 years, and i should end up there this fall also. from what i have heard from south-collegers, the north colleges do seem more disconnected. however, i have asked my sister and some of her brown college friends how they feel about this isolation, and they dont think its a big deal at all. you have two other colleges right next to you, and its only like, 5-7 minute walk to the south colleges. sure it may seem to be isolated, but you really shouldn't let that short distance get to you that much. basically what im saying is that if you end up in a north college, you probably wont feel bad about being away from the southern colleges. every college has its cons, and im sure that everyone in each college learns to deal with and not mind these negatives.</p>

<p>When do we know what college we'll be in?</p>

<p>Soon, early-mid July.</p>


<p>Im in Vietnam and will be until the end of July, so i wont be able to check the mail so if you by any chance are roomed with an Andrew Le, thats me. I found a nice internet place here where i can get an hour of internet for .10 cents (loving the exchange rates), so i can check my email and ill be checking CC every now and then, so just email me or PM me or whatever, just dont call me bc that will be pointless. So yeah, pretty much self explanatory.</p>

<p>is that seriousy 0.10 cents, or 0.10 dollars?</p>

<p>$0.10 Usd.................</p>

<p>According to our 'insider', we should find out 'in about a week'.</p>

<p>seeing how they handled mailing out the roomate forms a month ago, i think that "in about a week" should be laughed at</p>

<p>yo i'm actually a rising soph at Martel. there's nothing bad abt being north. constantly overlooked is the quieter, more peaceful living conditions up north as opposed to living right next to main street as a south colleges. less bikes get stolen (though they still do), and i like to think of it as the safer side of campus cuz sunset blvd (the road that lines the north colleges is basically an upscale residential area.</p>

<p>socially, most of my friends from outside Martel are at either Hanszen or Brown. yeah, maybe Brown is also a north college, but think about the other pros of being north. you're basically an unjackable college, except by your other two companions. which makes Martel so easily defensible during willy week / oweek jacks.</p>

<p>you still get to meet a lot of people depending on what sorts of stuff you do =D</p>