North Dakota School Awarded Unearned Degrees to Chinese Transfer Students

<p>Bloomberg</a> Businessnews:North Dakota School Awarded Unearned Degrees, State Says</p>

<p>From the article:

Dickinson State University in North Dakota granted hundreds of degrees to Chinese transfer students who didn’t complete the required class work, according to a state report.
Dickinson State auditors analyzed the files of 816 international transfer students since 2003, almost all from China, according to the report. Of the 594 that received a degree, 584 didn’t complete the required course work.
Other issues at Dickinson included students falsifying their transcripts using stamps from Chinese universities bought online, transferring from institutions in China not recognized as universities and failing to meet the minimum grade-point average.</p>



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<p>An earlier thread in the Parent Cafe addresses this story. Perhaps CC should combine the threads.</p>

<p>There are fraudulent colleges that issue degrees to overseas students for cash. One was busted last year in northern Va. But this is the first time I've an accredited public university do it.</p>