[Northeast] Junior Transfer, Class of '23

I am currently a Sophomore that will apply as a rising Junior to the following colleges (no particular order):

Wake Forest University
University of Richmond
Washington & Lee University
Trinity College
College of the Holy Cross
Colgate University
Hamilton College
Fairfield University

Most of these colleges have my major and minor, (generally) generous housing availability for upperclassmen, and are private/LibArts. Another main reason for transferring is I want to experience Greek Life, which most of these schools have.

My GPA S1 Freshman year was 3.2 and my GPA second semester tanked to due difficulties adjusting to online learning/COVID. I wanted to transfer as a rising Sophomore but am waiting until Junior year so I can improve my grades.

No HS GPA (I schooled abroad), I can speak French & Italian semi-fluently. Currently part of 3-4 extracurriculars, have several volunteer works listed on my CommonApp, and will probably sign up for more over the next two semesters if it will improve my chances. I have no interest in sports.

At first I wanted to stay in the Northeast but started looking at schools in the south to broaden things. Not really considering going further west at all. Thread open for other transfers in class of '23 also looking at these schools… or tips from transfer students.


You have a great list there. I will also be applying to Colgate (for Fall 2021 entry). Good luck to the both of us in our journey! :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you! Have you started filling out your Transfer CommonApp yet?

Yes, I have. I asked my professors for a letter of recommendation as well.