Northeast Schools

I have posted about this before, but I’m trying to get more updated responses since college app season is happening.
I really want to go to a big(ish) school spirit college, but since I live in NY, we don’t really have a state school like that besides Buffalo, but I have eliminated that because of the travel (I live in Southern NY).
I have a 31 ACT, 95 UW, 98 W w/ lots of clubs, leadership and honor societies plus work and things like that. Biochem major, pre-med/pre-pharm.

I am really interested in URI, however everyone seems to give it bad reviews for reasons I just don’t understand. I think I can get decent merit money from them as well. Can anyone comment on the negativity URI faces?

I also like UDelaware and UConn, but I feel as though they don’t give any sort of scholarships?

I know these are just some options, but I also applied to St. Johns, Seton Hall, Quinnipiac, St. Josephs, Syracuse, TCNJ, Brown, Dartmouth, Manhattan, Binghamton, Villanova, Lehigh, Lafayette, Holy Cross, and Fordham.

I was considering maybe adding Rider (they gave me a free app). I only want to apply to one more school that I have to pay the app fee for. It’s really between URI, UConn, and UDel. Can anyone give me any other potential options in the northeast?? Thank you!

My friend’s kid, who turned down an Ivy because of price, got honors college with $15k merit from U Del (bringing it to about $30k). She had a 1460 SAT and a 3.8 GPA.

I believe TCNJ gives $6k or $8k to every out of state applicant accepted (it’s on their website).

I know several very happy kids at URI. Not sure what you’ve heard, but I’ve never heard bad things. If you like it, go for it.

Keep up posted on how you do merit-wise - my D21 is interested in some of the same schools so I’m curious about their merit.

UConn has crazy school spirit. Word is they give oos merit to students in the top 10% of their class that hit a certain test score (only known to admissions). I’ve heard of a lot of scholarships in the $10-$15k range for those students, maybe more if you get an Honors invite. You won’t get much more than that from Quinnipiac, and they have a higher price tag. URI doesn’t have a great rep around here, but I have no firsthand feedback, it’s just word on the street.