Northeastern Admissions? Chances of getting in/recommendations?

I really like Northeastern and want to ED there. However, my GPA is on the lower end, a weighted (4.3 or 4.2)/4.5 scale (equal number of B+ & As, one C+ with an exception of junior year where I only had two Bs out of the seven classes I’ve taken). My GPA does appear to be average in comparison to admitted students when I look at Naviance. I’m also applying into Khoury where Northeastern has said that they are trying to increase diversity (2017 19% of graduates majoring in comp sci were female). I’m taking two APs right now, one of them being Comp Sci P. Next year, I’m taking four, one of them being BC Calculus, and will have taken two dual enrollment classes by the time I graduate high school.

What advice would you give… I unfortunately don’t have an SAT to submit because of COVID19, and would really appreciate the help!

Hi! Current NU student here (not a CS major but my boyfriend is). Don’t worry TOO much about one particular component of your application. My ACT score was below average and I worried about that so much while I applied ED, and in the end it didn’t matter! Northeastern truly gives your application a holistic review (meaning looking at everything in your application, not just test scores) and certainly gives a lot of weight to other things such as your personal essay, extracurriculars, passions, etc. As someone who worked in undergraduate admissions and got to learn a lot about the admission process. Khoury is certainly more competitive than some other colleges, so my really only advice would be to just showcase who you are as much as you can in your application. Either through your personal essay or writing a supplemental piece, whatever you feel like. Admission counselors love to see students that are passionate about things!

This is so late!! Thank you for responding! Do you know if Khoury is less competitive for women in STEM? Thank you so much!!