Northeastern/Boston College Chances?

Massachusetts, Asian, Male, Public Highschool

ACT: 32C (35E 35M 27R 32S 35W). 33 Superscore.
Took another ACT and got 36M but lower in every other section, so my superscore is a (32.5) 33.

GPA: 4.33 weighted. 3.72 unweighted.
Rank: 24/452

11th grade: AP Calc BC (4) AP Physics (2) Dual Enrollment Psychology (A+)
12th grade: AP Chemistry (99 in Q1 and Q2) AP Statistics (88 in Q1, 100 in Q2) AP Physics II (90 Q1, 91 in Q2) Dual Enrollment Linear Algebra (B)

*Upward GPA trend. The only B’s I have ever received were in English 9, English 10, first quarter of Stats, and dual enrollment Linear Algebra. The B in linear algebra dropped my GPA by .02, sadly.

Summer unpaid internship at a hospital. (12)
Summer high school math tutoring. (12)
Lion dancing captain, went to four region wide competitions (10,11,12)
Teacher/mentor to younger kids in a Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society, every Sunday (9,10,11,12)

Altar Server at a local church every Sunday (9,10,11,12)
Member at local church’s volunteer group, visiting nursing homes occasionally (9,10,11,12)
Coordinated events where people gathered to help clean the church (11,12)

Member of National Honor Society (12)
Member of Key Club (12)
Member American Red Cross Club (11, 12)
Taught younger kids tennis indoors during the winter (9,10,11,12)
High school tennis team varsity (9,10,11,12)

Intended Major: Engineering or Finance
Applying for Financial Aid: Yes
First Generation to attend college: No

Decent essay/recs.

What do you guys think of my chances at Northeastern (top school), Boston College, Tufts University, Boston University, Lehigh University, Brandeis University and Northwestern?

I was accepted to Northeastern with very similar statistics for finance. For more information go to my post

@fightme will do, thanks





I think you have a good chance at Northeastern! My gpa and ACT were similar to yours and I got in (albeit for Health Sciences)

@nishaus How were your EC’s compared to mine? Was your essay good? Congrats btw!

EDIT: I forgot to add that I applied to Northeastern’s College of Engineering, undeclared.

I’m not sure how my essays were but I think they were decent enough to get accepted? EC wise its hard to compare since comp sci is a lot different and there are much more competition. I think my EC’s were similar though but I’m assuming you didnt list all these right since there are only 10 activities slots?

Match/Low Match. If not the school you will probably be admitted into the NU.In program for sure

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