Northeastern chances?

<p>got to a top 1000 high school in my school i am a junior
I have a 3.7 weighted gpa prolly 3.0 uweighted Ib kills GPA
I am in the IB diploma program taking 4 HL's including Bio, and Math, Chem
3 A.P.'s ( in diploma its like taking 13 IB classes which are as rigorous as A.P.)
I have a black belt, part of the best volunntering organizations in my area and only 15 % get selected to volunteer we also learn about the government. I also am a top volunteer at my local hospital and I am thinking about starting a business club in my school, I play tennis for my school and I did marching band freshman year and sophmore year but stopped becuase of IB
I really want to NU becuase that is my way into an ib bank in New York ( Hopefully Goldman Sachs or Merryl) and I want to live in New York.
Math=680 Reading=570 Writing=570
I want to do investment banking
is Northeastern's co-op program really good, I thought that Goldman has a huge presence there.</p>

<p>Thanks for all responces in advance</p>