Northeastern- CS & Business program- To submit SAT score or not

Hearing a lot about NE being big on stats. Any advice on if SAT score of around 1450 with high Math should be submitted. Lot of Leadership positions held and very good GPA.

The general advice is to submit test scores if your SAT is within the 25th-75th percentile range (unless a hooked applicant—legacy, URM, recruited athlete etc,) though keep in mind that STEM applicants tend to have scores on the higher end of the range. You should be able to find Northeastern’s Class Profile for '23 or '24 by searching on Google.

Yes, submit it. The actual range mentioned by poster above is somewhat affected by the fact that some kids get sent abroad through NUin and hence their scores don’t count in the stats.

Actually, 1450 is not within their ADMITTED 25%-75% range. It is within their ENROLLED 25%-75% range. Their admitted range was 1470-1550 last year. Those with higher numbers probably got in somewhere even more “prestigous/selective”, and many end up going elsewhere. Those with SATs in lower 1400’s who get are more likely to enroll. While 1450 isn’t in their admitted middle 50%, it is darn close and ~97th percentile (depending on the test…higher for October 2020). It shows you’re smart. It’s a tough call…I’d probably say submit it.